Stinky Diapers

So we totally love cloth diapering.  I can’t really imagine doing it differently.  Every time I have Hattie in a paper diaper for some reason I have a pang of guilt when I throw it away.  They aren’t for everyone certainly and we are absolutely privileged in ways that make it easy on us – like we have a washer and dryer in our house, we can afford the increase in the water bill, our kids aren’t daycare so there is no issue there etc.  And although we love them I would by lying if I said it was always rosy.  We have had stink issues.  Like bad ones.  The diapers are clean and then as soon as the pee hits them they reek.  I learned we have hard water and that apparently is the issue.  So – we have had to strip the diapers a couple of times and change the way we wash them.  My biggest issue with this is that the stripping and also the change to detergent are less environmentally friendly and include more toxins then I would usually be comfortable with.  But! Stinky diapers are no bueno amigo.  My biggest advice with diapers is choose a resource that works for you and stick with it because every blog, website, store clerk will tell you something different.  This is the resource I have chosen.  I like it.  They do a good job explaining the why as well as the how.


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