Recipe Blogs

I wanted to share some of my favorite recipe blogs here.

Minimalist Baker –
This blog is one of my favs!  It’s all vegan but the recipes are really quite good, the author is enjoyable to read, the photos are beautiful and the recipes are mostly quick and easy. Also, her ebook is totally worth buying.  The tomato peanut stew is a regular in our rotation.

Smitten Kitchen –
This one is amazing.  Her food is never fail incredible!  Great for taking to parties and making for guests.  Not all vegetarian but a lot of it is.  Some of her recipes are super simple and we have in the weeknight rotation.  Some are a bit more involved and decedent.  We have never had a recipe that flopped from her sight. She has a couple lentil recipes that are great.

Cookie and Kate –
This is a fairly recent find for me.  I have been making her recipes for a few months and they are good.  All vegetarian and she tells how to make most of them vegan and/or gluten free.  I also really appreciate that she has a health focus so she doesn’t use sugar in most recipes but uses honey instead.  She also prefers whole wheat flour in most things and uses lots of veg. I love her banana bread recipe!




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